Tutu Nail Polish Tutorial

Would you like to recreate this for your next party/baby shower?

Tutu Nail Polish Party Favors

1) Start off with a piece of ribbon

2) Cut small pieces of tule to your desired length

3) Tie one end of ribbon to something to help create tension

4) Gather the tule in the middle, pinch the bottom ends together & wrap the other end over the ribbon…like making a loop & pulling it through the loop



5) Pull tightly

6) Push each section of tule together to create the tutu look




    • I don’t remember the exact website, but we did buy it in bulk. We just googled pink nail polish in bulk and found the color we were looking for and the most economical choice.

  1. What a cute idea! I love the candelabra with plates as well. I was wondering if you had other pictures of the baby shower or a blog?

  2. Are you basically just tying or knotting the pieces of tulle to the ribbon? I sort of got confused on step 4.

    For some reason it isn’t clicking in my head! Love this idea and I’m throwing a shower for my brother and his wife in a couple months. I’d definitely love to make these! Thanks

  3. How many pieces of tuile did you use to get the right amount of bunching around the bottle? I am at 7 and they look rather ragged.

  4. Can you try to remember how long and wide your pieces of tule were? I would really like to know that. One site said 1 x 3 inch pieces but your looked wider for sure. Also, did you tie the ribbon and then glue your bow on ? Again, would you please give me approximately what the size of tule your pieces were–especially the width measurement. I know you can make the tutu as long as you want for the length of the skirt. Please estimate the width of the tule pieces. Thanks

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