Random Thoughts on Pregnancy #2

img_2982Last night I saw my reflection/silhouette in the mirror and was taken back. Sometimes I surprise myself with how big I’m getting.  This pregnancy has been quite different than my first and I wanted to share a few things I’ve experienced this time around.  I was pregnant with my first about 4.5 years ago…let’s just say that your body handles pregnancy very differently with your second child and you’re going to feel very different carrying a child in your late 20’s than you will in your early 30’s.

Let me start by saying people thought I was having twins very early on in my pregnancy. It’s as if as soon as I found out we were expecting, my belly just popped out.  Many people are surprised to find out when my due date is…I mean, I can’t possibly be this big and still have 3 months left!  Well, yes, I am this big and will only get bigger, sorry to disappoint.

Another thing I’ve come to peace with is everyone’s body is soooo different.  Everyone will carry their kid differently.  I’m a short Hispanic with a small torso…there’s not much room for little buddy in there, so naturally, I’m going to pop out and round out.  It’s genetics.  Someone who’s taller or has a different metabolism will carry their weight differently and that’s okay.  We’re all beautiful and doing a beautiful thing 🙂  I can’t get down on myself if someone looks WAY different than me at the same stage of pregnancy. Our starting weight, genes, current diet, number of pregnancy, etc. are all factors that play into how we carry our baby (to name a few).

And while we’re on the topic of how we carry our baby, why are people so superstitious about what the gender of your child will be?  They’ll look you down from head to toe and depending on how big or small you are, how round or pointy your belly is, how high or low you’re carrying, how swollen your face is, etc., that determines if you’re having a boy or girl.  {Sigh}.  There’s a 50/50 chance, people!  The odds are not against you.  If you guessed right, there was only one other option.  Not only is everyone’s body different, every pregnancy is different, so I have to just take a breath and let people tell me their predictions and just smile when they are so sure it’s going to be either a boy or girl.

Another thing I’ve come to terms with is that there is a lot of mass going on in this girl’s body.  I wish I had an “all-belly” pregnancy, but EVERYTHING grows!  I started using maternity pants at about 3 months.  And.  Cellulite.  We’re like besties.  I have cellulite in places I didn’t know you could have cellulite.  She’s like always there for me, keeping me company and letting me know I’m not in this alone.  On a side note, cellulite is hugely a part of your genes.  I could weigh 115-120 lbs. and if all I do is cardio and no strength training, I will have cellulite.  So it’s just a part of me.  And that’s okay; I just have to work a little harder to build more muscle so my bestie doesn’t show up all the time.

And since we’re talking about the physical aspect of things, can we talk about facial hair? Like I mentioned before, I’m Hispanic, so being hairy comes with the territory.  During my first pregnancy, my brother so kindly lent me his facial hair trimmer and I was freaking out; I didn’t want to “shave.”  This time around, I actually bought one.  It’s pink and pretty and gets the job done.  I wax and trim those side burns and feel like a million bucks.  Just accept it.  Your hormones create all kinds of “perks,” so just roll with it and deal with them appropriately, that’s what I say 😉

Also…pregnancy brain.  I think it’s very real and sometimes I do things and wonder: “I never would’ve done that before.”  But then again, things have been just a little different lately.  All the oxygen that should be going to my brain is being shared with a tiny human inside of me.  This only makes things worse because of how clumsy I naturally am.  My husband’s nickname for me is “the dropper.” I. DROP. EVERYTHING!  Now that I’m pregnant it has doubled and my heart sinks every time I drop something with thoughts of: “NOOOOOOO!” and “Okay, how do I position myself to pick this up?” and “Seriously?!  Again?!”

And do you find that certain movements just hurt more?!  Boy, have I felt pain this time around like never before.  My hips, lower back and hamstrings…they just ache in so many ways and I have to do different exercises to help ease the pain, along with a belly band and massages by my wonderful husband.  Maybe the baby goes through growth spurts inside of you because there are times where the pain subsides and you’re like: “Okay, I can do this.” Then 2 weeks later, you can barely walk and getting up off the couch is excruciating.

Lastly, this girl is pooped!  I don’t remember feeling so tired the first time around.  Then again, I do have a toddler I am caring for in addition to incubating a human.  So naturally, I will feel a bit tired.  If I don’t nap during the day, I will always fall asleep around 8 or 9pm.  Que sera sera!

As difficult as this pregnancy has been, I am more than thankful for the life that’s growing inside of me and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! ❤



  1. Love your post, friend! I joke with Zander all the time about how the girls must’ve somehow eaten my brain in utero! You are absolutely beautiful, Becky! Love you.

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